Oct Special Events (Al Ain, Bahrain)

Lots of stuff happening this month for special events!


Al Ain is always great craic at the Horse and Jockey pub because of all the Irish Teachers who dominate the social scene there. Looking forward to next weekend there.

The Bahrain Irish Festival is my favourite festival of the year. This year we expect approx 2,500 people for the friday evening show on the main stage after the GAA Games. Irish tribute band ZU2 will be kicking things off and Mikie (on Fiddle) and I will come on around 10.30pm to finish the evening. I've composed a high energy song - THE BEST PUB PARTY IN THE WORLD - specially for the session the next day in JJs Pub. It is always a great after party there so I wrote the song specially to incorporate one of my favourite traditional Irish tunes - THE MASON'S APRON. Can't wait to perform it live with Mikie. We're working on perfecting it at the moment.

Following the success of the last Vegas Brunch (Some people said it was the best day they ever had out in Dubai!), we were looking at repeating it for Halloween. But the logistics of it didn't work out so we will be doing it early next year again instead.

Here's a link to the song I wrote that won the Holiday Inn Express songwriting competition recently. Mikie and Damo were great sports in helping make the video before we left for the summer http://youtu.be/URVxQlmaYyU

Enjoyed an impromptu session gig with Declan (accordion), Ged (banjo) and Mikie (fiddle) recently in Fibbers. Those lads are great musicians. I'm appreciating traditional Irish music in a whole new way these days: Radio off - Playlist of trad tunes ON :)

That's the craic for now!




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