Paddy's Weekend plans

I'll be at fibbers, PJs and barasti over paddys weekend!


Fibbers on Thursday 13th MARCH night as usual but with special guests BOXTY so that's a gig I am looking forward to. We will join forces at the end of the night to have a big sound and session!

Friday 14th March is PJ O'REILLYs in Abu Dhabi from 1pm with Mike on fiddle and Declan on the Box. Always a fun drunken brunch...and I think this one will be one of the biggest yet!

Friday night at BARASTI with special guest Kevin Morris on the box - till midnight

Saturday at 2pm for the camel parade. Irish dancing and boxty on the beach (plus paddyman) till 6pm. More of the same upstairs that night along with the rugby games (Ireland vs France at 9pm)

Monday at 5pm I will be kicking off in Fibbers. Boxty will join in again at 7.30pm

MONDAY NIGHT CONTINUES at 10pm in BARASTI, with possible special guest KEVIN MORRIS that night for Paddys Day too!

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Who's Your Paddy

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