Playing with Guest Trad Musicians!

Guest musicians - Stevie on fiddle, Nerea & Miriam on fiddles & Diarmuid is some man on the pipes!


At my regular thursday night gig at Fibbers Dubai, I sometimes have the fortune of performing alongside talented guest musicians who come in when they can. Since my good friend Mikie O'Shea moved to Japan, I've had a new regular fiddler for gigs - Stephen Pierce from Scotland. He's an amazing fiddle player with a great feel for crowd entertainment - as proved by his regular performances of Cotton Eyed Joe & other tunes while standing in the middle of a table! The Scots and Irish have a lot in common and Stevie (as he's now been renamed!) is a gent. Among other things he was instrumental (pardon the pun!) in helping make the 1916 commemorations at Madinat happen.

Last weekend one of Mikie's friends popped in (Diarmuid) and he played the Uilleann pipes for the fibbers crowd. It was our first gig together since his recent move to Abu Dhabi. No time for practice so we went straight into it. The regulars loved it - especially when he started playing tunes that everyone immediately recognised like SCOTLAND THE BRAVE. But he had plenty of great Irish jigs and reels in the mix as well. Besides the pipes he also plays tin whistle and bodhran which made for some fun renditions of Christy Moore songs and some fast dance tunes. Diarmuid is a gifted musician and I look forward to performing with him again!

Next weekend we will have Miriam (fiddle) and Nerea (Fiddle and dancing) performing on Thursday night with me. Those ladies are a hoot and both complement each other's playing style. Since the 1916 show we have all become good friends and we love replaying some of the tunes from that show like - Roisin, Four Green Fields, and Oro Se Do Bheatha "Bhaile.

Looking forward to meeting and playing with other trad musicians over the next while too. Slainte!



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