Sold out Comedy Gig

Last friday was my first time to headline a stand up comedy gig.


The gig was sold out, with over 100 people coming to the show. It was a special one and I really enjoyed the dynamics of the crowd interaction and their reaction to the songs. Some of them got particularly good reactions - Like the Burj Khalifa song and My Ding A Ling. Others, I knew in advance, were a bit more risque but I did them anyway to test the crowd.

I was scheduled to perform for 45 mins and ended up doing 90mins so I was well received and happy to give as much as I could.

Special thanks to Mina at Dubomedy for believing in me and inviting me to headline the gig. I think we will have to do some more!

The show inspired me to keep writing new material, so yesterday I penned a parody of "Let It Go" about my funny experience of having a vasectomy in Ireland! May be something for the next show if I can get it right...



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Who's Your Paddy

Who's Your Paddy

An extremely FUNNY debut album from Paddyman (Declan O'Sullivan) showcasing the most popular comedy songs from his live shows! This collection of songs makes fun of sex, drink, politics, horny men, women and even Leprechauns! in 3 words: PURE IRISH CRAIC!

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