Weekly gig schedule

My regular weekly gigs continue this year in the same venues and days. Barasti Beach bar in Dubai on Saturdays from 9pm. PJ O'Reillys in Abu Dhabi Last Wednesday of every month from 9pm. Fibbers Dubai on Thursdays from 10pm. Special events (weddings, festivals, parties etc) on Fridays. PLUS TRAD SESSION at Fibbers on first Wednesday of every month.


I'm lucky to work with great people and venues. All regular gigs resumed after I got back from US & Canada at the end of August. Barasti replaced their outside pool with a bar, so there'll be no more jumping into it like in Paddy Style!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_M0xHGPhnU 

PJs in Abu Dhabi is steadily growing in the number of people coming each week. It's a different kind of gig there - more comedy, lots of crowd interaction and dancing. That's mainly because the resident band Sweet Chilli Jam is so damn good that I don't feel comfortable doing cover songs during my sets alongside them! Instead it's more of an "act the bags" kind of place with impromptu comedy coming from the fun people who turn up. Irish Dancing to 7 drunken nights is often broken out. And I enjoy testing out some new songs there as the audience is very receptive.

This is the 9th year that I've been performing at FIBBERS in Dubai, every Thursday! That's where I go to relax, re-invent and find inspiration. The regulars know me so well that they let me away with trying almost anything. If it works I get a cheer and if it doesn't they shake their heads and laugh anyway! Last Thursday I tried something new involving "fibbers virgins". I invited all those whose first time it was to visit the pub to do a 30 second dance to a song I chose for them on the spot (or they had to buy a round of drinks for their table). It was great craic and particularly funny to see a big lad at the front doing an impromtu dance to YMCA!

Slan anois!


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Who's Your Paddy

Who's Your Paddy

An extremely FUNNY debut album from Paddyman (Declan O'Sullivan) showcasing the most popular comedy songs from his live shows! This collection of songs makes fun of sex, drink, politics, horny men, women and even Leprechauns! in 3 words: PURE IRISH CRAIC!

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