End of the Season


What a great season it was - particularly over the last while. Thanks to everyone who came to the gigs in Dubai at Fibbers and Barasti & at PJs in Abu Dhabi. All venues have confirmed that they will be renewing weekly gigs from September so my schedule will remain the same - MON & Sat in Barasti Beach Bar, Wednesdays at Pjs Abu Dhabi and Thursdays at Fibbers. Special events on Fridays.

The Las Vegas show was a huge success and we raised 21,580aed for a good cause in the process. We will release a video of LAS VEGAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MIDDLE EAST in Nov or so to celebrate National Day. In the meantime I'm posting the video on youtube (http://youtu.be/URVxQlmaYyU) for the song EXPRESS YOURSELF which won the Holiday Inn Express Songwriting Competition earlier.

Thanks to everyone for coming to the gigs & see u in sept!

(& thanks to Marion for sending me the attached photoshop photo!)

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Who's Your Paddy

Who's Your Paddy

An extremely FUNNY debut album from Paddyman (Declan O'Sullivan) showcasing the most popular comedy songs from his live shows! This collection of songs makes fun of sex, drink, politics, horny men, women and even Leprechauns! in 3 words: PURE IRISH CRAIC!

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